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Family Transition Services

Funeral homes don’t provide the expertise to protect your loved ones affairs after death. Family Transition Services can help you, in this emotional time. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Help Prevent Identity Theft:
As many of you have seen on your local news, identity theft runs rampant. Criminals prey on the unsuspecting families of the dearly departed. Closing down a loved ones identity is the most important step, that is often the most overlooked.

Advise Various Agencies of Passing:
Have you turned off the water? Have you turned off the electric? Have you cancelled the home insurance? The list goes on and on…

Identify and Close Revolving Charge Accounts:
How many credit cards did mom or dad really have? Are there lingering bank accounts around?

Personal and Business Notifications of Passing:
We advise friends and business relationships of the passing…

Disposition of Personal Belongings:
Family Transition Services will consolidate the furniture and personal belongings by means of sale, consignment, or donation.

Making Real Estate Marketable Then Facilitate The Sale:
Let’s face it, do you really have the time and the know how for this?

Legal Paperwork:
With our network of elder care attorneys and financial consultants, we can make all the legal worries disappear.

Much More:
The word “NO” is not in our vocabulary.