Dear Arnie,

My 94 year old mother’s decision to relocate from her condo to an independent living complex in Boca Raton was a most stressful one for her. My ability to assist her was limited by the fact that I live in New York. Although I was in constant contact with her by phone it was not the same as being there. She was emotionally overwhelmed with details, some real and some exaggerated, regarding a move.

Luckily, a concerned person in the area contacted me regarding the services which you offer. I was intrigued by your website but understandably skeptical…. you sounded too good to be true. After several phone conversations with you my initial reservations were mostly satisfied. I decided to go with you.

In retrospect, it was a sound decision. You are a caring individual whose services were performed at a level of efficiency and professionalism rarely encountered.
My mother’s relocation is now history. The entire transaction went as smoothly as you had predicted and, true to your promise, you continue to be of service to her even after your contracted obligations have been fulfilled.

You truly deserve the title of “The son you wish you had.”

Most gratefully yours,

Jerome F.


Dear Arnie,

I used “The Son You Wish You Had” recently to move my mother from a large home to a small apartment. She’d been in that house for more than 20 years and the idea of packing, dealing with movers, throwing out years of “stuff”, changing her address, phone, and on and on made us both practically give up before we started. Then we heard, from friends, about “The Son You Wish You Had”!

Thank goodness for Arnie. With his checklists, connections, easygoing manner, and complete oversight of every last detail, we realized this was going to be sooooooo much easier than we thought. He did it all, even things we hadn’t thought of! Everything was neatly packed, items in storage and moved-in calmly and without angst and drama. When he says “turnkey” – he means it. Believe me you can trust this guy with your mother! And we’re still thanking our lucky stars for Arnie.

Claudia C.


Dear Arnie,

My daughter convinced me to use you to handle my move. I thought I’d be able to handle it all myself but I realized there was no way. It was all just too much for me. Always with a smile and a great confidence, Arnie did every last thing. I never worried and I never had to think about details because he was one step ahead of me. I never even thought of calling the gardener or the pool man. Boy does he know what he’s doing. He laid out the furniture better than I could have imagined. And the suggestion regarding the remodeling of my new kitchen was genius. I could not have done this move without him. It went from scary to no big deal.

Thank you, Arnie.

Lillian C.


Dear Arnie,

Thanks for the great service you and your crew provided for my family. The move happened on time and your price is reasonable. We had a smooth business relationship and no hassles with anything. They were very polite, professional and reliable. We would recommend your company.

Thank you again,

Ron H.



Thank you for all you have done to help Mom and our family. You did everything you said you would — and much more. We three children all live in different parts of the country, none of us in Florida. And thus, you are truly the brother we wish we had.

Your are very responsible, timely and caring. Most importantly, Mom felt very comfortable with you. You went above and beyond in taking care not only of the physical move, but of her personally.

Anyone should feel privileged to have you help them, and we highly recommend you without reservation. Please feel free to use us as a reference.

We hope this will not be a passing acquaintance. You’re part of the family now!

Larry B., Rick B. and Lisa B.



Last spring we decided that it was time for my mom to relocate from her home of over 25 years to an independent living facility. We asked the facility for some guidance in securing the services of a company that could help us with the packing and moving.
They generously gave us a packet that included a list of several different companies that would be able to facilitate the move.

I called you first, not because you were first on the list, but because the name of your business made me feel you could give us what we needed.
From our initial phone conversation to the Skyped meeting with my mom, you put us all at ease. Not only did the move go smoothly, packing, unpacking, setting up everything, including transfer of utilities, making sure addresses were changed etc., but you made connections for us with a realtor, as well as arranged for people to come in and make the necessary repairs to mom’s home to make it sellable.

You continue to this day to be “ The Son You Wish You Had,” as I know I can reach out to you to take care of little, but important, things for my mother, and she, as well, can call on you for assistance when needed. Now we all consider you to be part of the family!

All the best,

Beth and Fred G.